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Google Play to Allow All App Developer to Reply to User Comments

January 11, 2013 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments

Google says it’s allowing non-top app developers to use the feature soon

Google Play Web Application Before, top mobile app developers only get to respond to comments and reviews about their apps in the Google Play download store. But that’s about to change in the nearest future.

There have been reports that this much-anticipated feature of letting app developers to respond to comments is already available since June last year to those listed with top develop badges. And Google is seen expanding this privilege “to additional Google Play developers” in the forthcoming future.

Users at the Google download center formerly enjoy a cloak of anonymity whenever they post their reviews or comments. The notion if users can comment anonymously is that quality of the apps will be improves and gain more honest comments than when their names are revealed. But that soon changed when Google required users to sign in with their Google+ account since November, followed by the privilege given to developers to voice their feedback to criticism or concerns and then answer questions.

The purpose of letting mobile app developers to post a reply to their constituents’ comments or reviews via the download center is to enrich the communication between the latter and their customers to improve the quality of mobile app development submissions. This feature is sorely missing in some app stores like Apple’s App Center.

By allowing developers to respond to comments, users are able to see the big picture because less-positive feedback receives clarifications from the developers themselves. When left unanswered, app customers tend to be turned off from downloading their app.

As of September last year, more than 25 billion apps were downloaded from the Google Play.

Google Play to Allow All App Developer to Reply to User Comments by

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