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Report: The Future of Work

January 12, 2013 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments

future of work Gone are the days when workplace environments are confined and fixed within just the four walls of a studio-type big spaces inside an enterprise building. As more and more organizations gear towards achieving a more progressive set of creative talent pool, collaboration, and efficiency to respond to the ever-changing marketplace, a flexible workplace is highly in demand.

Enter the latest 140-page Future of Workplace report presented by the New York-based research and thinktank PSFK with the result of their insightful study and survey of what we might expect to see coming to blow our minds away relating to office environments in the near future.

To help them imagine the future of work, PSFK Labs approached creative agencies for help to let them brought to life the projected trends. These agencies’ submitted concepts are presented as part of the document, together with insights and feedbacks from readers for a wholly-comprehensive and depth look into the workplace of the future.

Seen and expected to be an exciting one, PSFK described that “the company of the future will be constantly changing form to efficiently take advantage of the opportunities presented in an ever-shifting marketplace.”

As a take-away piece from this document, the research firm has projected five themes to emerge in the future of work:

  • On-Demand Staff: There will be more freelance workers and whether that is good or bad is yet to be seen. For now, we can say thaat the sphere of freelancers are already a competitive arena.
  • Collision collusion: This is already happening sooner than later. The design of physical, mobile and web or cloud-based workplaces is inevitable and coming for improved efficiency and seamless interaction to flourish among all the workplace participants and players.
  • Improvised workplace: As the still on-going Consumer Electronics Show in Nevada, Las Vegas appear to enlighten us with its crystal ball, the future is tilting us to the realization of the Internet of Things. More than ever before, even the most mundane of devices are connected to the Internet or software or your apps and exchanges of data are spontaneous and instantaneous. Call it machine-to-machine and Internet of Things communicating as integral ingredients for the modern workplace but we sure will see watercoolers to give rating to the hottest news being discussed/
  • Living Knowledge: Maybe information overload will prove to be good after all, if only managed and shared among and within the workplaces. There will be no more vertical office spaces but flat organizations will emerge to be the in thing as a result of the shared knowledge among office workers.
  • Constant Learning: Education in the workplace will be in. For companies, the benefits will be tremendous especially in achieving more efficiency and flexibility.

PSFK’s inspirational work is something that’s worth looking and pondering where creative businesses can learn and get a grasp of the future.

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