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High Impact Explainer Videos

Get your message across, absorbed and remembered with our explainer videos.

Explainer Videos - 2D Animation Services

Capture the attention of your audience within a second with high impact explainer videos. At 7th Media, we offer 2D animation services and produce explainer videos that are highly engaging and entertaining. Let us enhance your company’s message with unique design illustrations, motion graphic animations, sound effects and voice overs so you get an explainer video that your audience will surely love!

Samples of Our 2D Animation Services

Each explainer video that we deliver has its own distinct character and flavor, and with 2D animation, our creative freedom is endless! We break creative boundaries while still focusing on your requirements to produce explainer videos that are in line with your brand’s story and values. Here are a few samples of our work.

Why You Need Explainer Videos

People these days have a very short attention span and only 10% of what they hear gets remembered. According to a study, when you tickle both the audio and visual senses of your audience, people remember information up to 65%. This makes explainer videos very important! Here’s how you can benefit from explainer videos.

Sales & Marketing

Increase your sales conversion online and offline with powerful marketing explainer videos.
Let our videos elevate your sales presentation and make you stand out from your competition so you can easily close that elusive deal!


Improve your company’s perceived value within and outside your organization.
Whether you need an explainer video for your company’s annual investor meeting or employee general assembly, our creative team can do it for you!


Cut redundant training costs and improve learning retention with eLearning explainer videos.
Let us compress your lengthy training sessions to easy-to-digest videos to make your trainings much faster, more memorable and more effective.

How Your Explainer Video is Created

Let our multidisciplinary team of scriptwriters, designers and 2D animators create your vision into an animated masterpiece! Here’s how we do it for you.


Just provide us with your script to get started! In case you don’t have a script yet, don’t worry! Give us your initial content and we’ll help you convert it to a creative script for a minimal fee.

Voice Over

Tickle the senses of your audience with a smooth voice for your explainer video. We help you find the right professional voice actor that perfectly resonates with your target audience to record your script.


Getting your explainer video right starts with a game plan. We’ll provide rough sketches of your video’s scene-by-scene storyboard so you can visualize how the story of your explainer video will unfold.

Mood and Look

The mood and look style frames let you visualize the overall design of your explainer video. You will get 2 unique design concepts for a single scene and you are free to choose the overall design you love!


Based on the approved mood and look design concept, we will create graphic illustrations that incorporate creative direction, story and emotions that people won't easily forget!


We combine design, voice over and background music (where applicable) into moving frames so you get your animated masterpiece. Now you have the perfect explainer video to showcase your product, services or information!

Brands We Have Worked With

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