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10 Best Responsive HTML5 Frameworks for Web Developers

November 5, 2013 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments


responsive html5 frameworks


To say it’s challenging to pick only one responsive HTML5 framework is an understatement. With the plethora of platform choices that are becoming more and more advanced day by day, even picking the best two or three is difficult.

Our collection is based on the framework’s popularity. And while not definitive nor comprehensive, we are confident any of these choices will help solve your most complex programming woes in terms of building powerful responsive applications for the web or mobile.


Before Starting …


Web development is by far different today than it were five years ago or back in the 1990s. But these days, you’ll hear designers and developers chiming the sexiness of HTML5.

Major modern browsers are screaming ‘awesome’ with the thought of HTML5, which can deliver more savvy features and power that their earlier HTML predecessors can only dream of.

With HTML5, we are now experiencing a more semantic web with the use of structure specific tags. Thanks to HTML5 and we have a more visual and interactive web and mobile applications.

Visually, web and mobile applications have become more eye-pleasing and attractive. Rendering of rounded corners and creating drag and drop interactivity are just a few that HTML5 has allowed web designers to perform.


Presenting our ten responsive HTML5 framework selections, below, so we wish you all the luck:


1. Twitter Bootstrap


twitter bootstrap


In many regards, Twitter Bootstrap is one bit of a web development front-end framework genius that gives its collection of website making and web application tools for free. It’s wealth of HTML and CSS-based design templates – typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation, and other interface components – can be pretty helpful to web developers in action.

Developers will love plenty of things in its box: optional JavaScript extensions and plugins, modal windows, tooltips and carousel, among others. Not the least, there’s its 12-column adaptive grid that pretty makes this free front-end framework an amazing tool that got you covered in almost all your responsive HTML5 web development processes.


Best Tutorials for Bootstrap:

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Bootstrap Tool and Resources Lists

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2. Skeleton


Skeleton HTML5 frameword


Looking to quickly develop sites that looks a stunner at any size? Skeleton’s an open-source boilerplate for HTML5 websites and mobile-centered development, which offers its small collection of CSS files.

Here’s to remember what Skeleton works to do: it provides responsive grid down to mobile, fast to start and a style agnostic.


Best Tutorials for Skeleton


Skeleton Tools and Resources Lists


3. HTML5 Boilerplate


HTML5 Boilerplate


Use the open-source front-end development tool, HTML5 Boilerplate if you want to build fast, robust and responsive web apps or sites. Its not only for its open-source tools that HTML5 Boilerplate earned its popularity in 2010, it is also one of the best that empowers sites to support modern web browsers, delivers site performance and lets web developers maintain server configuration independently.

Additionally, it is easy to love this front-end development framework to develop mobile-friendly web application experiences for what it offers. HTML5 Boilerplate includes mobile-friendly HTML template, placeholder icons, CSS resets for normalizing/standardizing stylesheet property values, standard media queries for common viewing screens, as well as HTML5 shiv for non-modern web browsers.


Best Tutorials for HTML5 Boilerplate


HTML5 Boilerplate Tools and Resources Lists


4. Foundation


Foundation HTML5 Framework


This popular front-end web development framework is the most advanced in its league. It allows developers to start their website building effort for small devices first. hence, it’s Foundation’s rapid-prototyping capabilities that make for super flexible and responsive websites.


Best Tutorials for Foundation


Foundation Tools and Resources Lists

  • Foundation Templates


5. SproutCore


Sproutcore HTML5 framework


Like all the four front-end development frameworks mentioned, SproutCore – which follows the MVC architecture – promises enabling developers to build native-live HTML5 applications rapidly with only little code to write.

It is open-source, which means it’s free, for developers to use its semantic templates to write HTML and CSS that update automatically when your models change.


Best Tutorials for Sproutcore


SproutCore Tools and Resources


6. HTML KickStart


html kickstart


For developers, speed of website creation is important. HTML Kickstart provides in its humble package – at about 300KB – sets of HTML5, CSS, and jQuery (javascript) files, stylish buttons and navigation bars, scalable icons, responsive grid layouts, a touch-enabled slide show and so on. All these to save user interface designers hours of work.

One of the newest kids on the block, HTML KickStart is a lean and mean package of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that promises to save UI developers hours of work.


Best Tutorials for HTML Kickstart


HTML Kickstart Tools and Resources List


7. Montage HTML5 Framework


Montage Framework


Another open-source adaptable HTML5 framework for apps building is Montage. With JavaScript library that uses declarative binding, web developers efficiently keep app data and UI in sync.

Montage has features like reusable components and HTML templates, declarative component model, declarative data binding. These are meant to help developers deal with lots of dynamic page elements to build scalable and easily-maintainable HTML5 apps responsive for a range of connected devices.


Best Tutorials for Montage HTML5 Framework


Montage Tools and Resources


8. Zebra HTML5 Framework


Zebra HTML5 Framework


Zebra is a responsive HTML5 web development tool that promises to bring wide possibilities when developing WEB based Rich UI applications. Also a smart alternative to Flash or Applet technologies, it doesn’t need a plug-in on a client side just to be installed.

Rendering of UI becomes easier with Zebra because its approach sits on top of HTML5 Canvas element. When you think of its development Zebra is closer to software engineering where you write well-structured, supportable, extendable code basing on the easy Zebra OOP concept. As well as using power, simplicity and beauty of JavaScript coding, Zebra allows you to keep he distance from the mess of HTML, JavaScript code, CSS and DOM manipulation.


Best Tutorials for Zebra


Zebra Tools and Resources


9. CreateJS


CreateJS HTML5 Framework


If you want to create rich, interactive HTML5 content using open source JavasScript coding, CreateJS may be useful for you. It provides a suite of five modular JavaScript libraries to help web developers implement animation effects, supporting HTML5 audio in your website, and more of the likes.

CreateJS libraries are designed to work independently, or mixed and matched to suit your web development needs. Major sponsors of the tool are Adobe, Microsoft and AOL.


Best Tutorials for CreateJS


CreateJS Tools and Resources


10. Less Framework


Less Framework html5


A CSS grid system for designing responsive HTML5 websites, Less Framework shares some similarity with Skeleton (discussed above). However, it is its being just a plain and simple layout grid framework that sets it apart from the former.

Less Framework consists of four layouts – default, tablet, mobile and wide mobile – and three sets of typography presets. These are all based on a single grid.


Best Tutorials for Less Framework


Less Framework Tools and Resources Lists




These ten responsive HTML5 frameworks/boilerplates choices were based on their popularity and reputation. There are still more to choose from that can fit in your requirements and specifications. Let us know what is your favorite responsive HTML5 framework or frameworks.


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