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Brisbane-based Designer Envisions a Redesigned Facebook

January 8, 2013 By 7th Media Digital |  1 Comments

Fred Nerby, a Swedish interactive art director and designer based in Brisbane, Australia, may not be new to surprises. But his proposed refreshed design and branding for the well-loved Facebook that he posted on his Behance profile is stacking up to 180,000 views in less than five days.

Nerby dubbed his Facebook rebranding project as “A Conceptual and Systematic Design Approach,” which explains his recommendation for the social networking site to consider the responsive web design ethos of making the popular online social destination streamlined to give more control to how data and user behavior can be served well.

By adopting a responsive grid-based design, the refreshed design of the site is expected to work effortlessly well on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, where users get to have more control of how they want or intend to use a website. Nerby, in theory, said more control is given to users on what they want and don’t want to see at Facebook so the result of getting a more personalized environment is achieved when interacting with the interface.

“The most difficult part of this project was to figure out how to do that by introducing elements such as filtering of friends and feeds in the News & Activity section,” admitted the independent designer whose works include those for Fox, Queensland Ballet, and Essence Magazine. He added “that in itself, (the elements) affects other areas of the concept as well.”

Some of the comments are positive like this one from Behance user Michael N. who said, “Love the Windows 8 / Metro style of this. Facebook has always lacked in UI and design, it’d be simply amazing to see something similar to this on the website!!” Another one said, “Amazing, Mark please! Hire this guy 😀.”

But Jonattas Poltronieri was not pleased who left the following comment: “Beautiful, but difficult. Away from the reality of most users.”

Now that we are only down to just five top social networks where Facebook’s omnipresence is revealed by a study by social media strategist Vincenzo Consensa with his “world map of social networks,” design prototypes like this by Nerby will come as a welcome relief to most users but will this ever be considered by the listed company?

Latest about Facebook is that it is now the most popular destination in 127 nations out of 137 as tracked by Alexa. Retaining its number one position is not surprising at all given the site’s over one billion monthly active users worldwide.

Here’s some of the concept design for facebook.

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With such breathless figures and billions more users with varying levels of demographics, will the new proposed design by the Brisbane-based designer finally give users the best feel and emotion about using the site when socializing with friends? Tell us your thoughts at the comments box below.


Fred Nerby Behance Page

Blog by Vincenzo Cosenza




Brisbane-based Designer Envisions a Redesigned Facebook by

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1 Comment

Jay Acdang

Posted January 9, 2013 9:24 AM

super cute.. it's much cooler than the old design.. ♥♥♥ hope to see this format as soon as possible in my profile..

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