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The Right Magento Developer to Create your Ecommerce Website

January 15, 2014 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments

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If there’s anything that changed the landscape of eCommerce in recent years, Magento immediately comes to mind. As businesses embrace this well-loved content management system for web shops, choosing the right Magento developer has never been this tricky and challenging.

As demands for Magento web development increase, companies offering Magento development has mushroomed as well. From New York, Mumbai, to the central business districts at the heart of Manila, Magento developers pretty earned a rock star status.

But numbers don’t always equate to quality. Thus, complicating the matter of choosing the right Magento developer even more, resumes don’t always tell all.

The right developers who can develop an effective solution are quite rare. Once found, they can bring tremendous power to your Magento ecommerce business.

It’s a power that builds from customer satisfaction, cost-efficiency, and return on investment.


Is Magento eCommerce Right for You?


Every once in a while, a new web solution emerges. But whether it’s “the bomb” or “a bomb”, takes time to discover.

Fortunately it didn’t take long before Magento made a splash and convinced eBay to acquire this platform. And fortunately for all, Magento is such a powerful beast that’s fast changing the eCommerce game.

The sum of most testimonies from successful adopters relish the near-perfect shopping cart and the bunch of features helpful in breaking it in the mainstream online business.

Well, yes, all the end results of Magento development seem all positive, but it’s also an open secret among developers that it’s not all that easy to develop a Magento eCommerce.

Just consider Magento’s hundreds of settings to get used to. Or, think of the scale of files. Just imagine 28,000 files included in the default Magento package, not to mention the media or theme files that’ll be added as well.

Factor all that, and you’ll have a painfully hard and perplexing development, installation, and upgrades to bring the very best beast of all eCommerce platform.

Also because all the hype are there, Magento developers and development companies are more than excused to charge a premium for the development of extensions and themes.

Just consider paying 40% more for the same functionality that you’ll achieve with platforms. And when you talk of development, there’s definitely more time required to release a near-perfect Magento eCommerce.


What to Consider in Finding the Right Magento Developer


When you want an outside developer to perform the eCommerce development using Magento, here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  1. Prior to your search for the right Magento developer, there are a few things that you’ll have to get ready yourself. One is to have the scope of your project already determined and to set a fair and realistic estimated budget.
  2. One of the best places to start your search is the Magento website itself. Scroll through its database of companies, support, forums, extensions and more of the likes. Here you can find what qualities to look for when searching for the right Magento developer. You can also find some of these developers out of trade shows, referrals, and more.
  3. Because you want to make sure about your shortlisted firms’ capabilities and strength, check out their portfolio of eCommerce developed using Magento eCommerce. Sure enough, if the developers are proud, they’ll not be ashamed of their work and place it up at their site.
  4. While it may be convenient to play your business online, however, there are just some matters that you simply must do offline. One is to personally meet your prospective developers or visit the office of the company.This way, you’ll get a better idea of how your future developer will handle the Magento development for you. It’s also an opportunity to ask their work processes, and how much they understand the quirks and perks of Magento eCommerce development. Request a proposal from your shortlisted Magento developers. Below, we’ll talk about some of the considerations to assess a good proposal to develop Magento eCommerce.
  5. Don’t hesitate to ask your Magento developers for references. This reference may be your developers’ previous Magento eCommerce development clients. They’ll surely understand and find your request not a sign of distrust but being careful with whom they work with.
  6. Make it certain with the developer that it understands your needs and that they’re capable of finishing the work for you.
  7. It’s also important to evaluate the Magento developer’s website. Is it up to the latest beat in the eCommerce web development landscape or one that’s been made in 1995? Don’t hesitate to look for another company when your provider’s website is not at par with even the most basic interface of the very recent milieu.
  8. Be wary of pricing. If you are offered a very cheap Magento ecommerce development, remember that you’ll pretty get what you paid for. If you were given a price drop, it’s never gonna be the best but might actually cost more for reworks. But be careful with the very expensive ones, as price is not always a guarantee of quality.


Some Questions to Ask When Choosing Magento Developer

Magento Development

Questions must be asked the moment you had the chance to meet your development partner through online conversations or face-to-face meet ups. This is an altogether important process during the selection of the right developer for you.

Here are some often overlooked questions to developers that businesses forget or neglect:


  1. Where is your business or office located? Is your development team able to travel for onsite meetings?
  2. Is the team from your development company working in-house or do you send works offshore as well?
  3. How long have you been servicing your client companies with Magento eCommerce development needs?
  4. Can you give a typical Magento web design and development timeline?
  5. Do you know of situations whereby projects may go off the agreed timeline or budget?
  6. Are you offering support? Do you have an existing support for your Magento eCommerce clients?
  7. Can you name any quality assurance process or testing that you subscribe to and perform before and after release?


Receiving Good Magento Proposals


Since you want to be careful with whom you will entrust your Magento eCommerce project, some companies request proposals to pick the most prepared and professional. Here are some pointers to note:


  1. Avoid the mistake of coming unprepared. This means, it’s not only your prospective developers who must be ready, but the clients as well. You must be sure of what you want delivered or completed during the first phase.
  2. You must be available for all important meetings during the selection process to the development of your Magento eCommerce site. If you’ll be very busy because it’s your busiest season, you might consider setting another date for the submission of deadlines. Your presence is highly necessary as prospective providers will want some issues clarified or questions answered while they prepare the proposal they’ll submit.
  3. Implement a consistent process or procedure for submitting proposals to you, with the same information carried across all providers.
  4. Be open and cooperative. It will always come to be a measure of how confident and trusting you are with your prospective Magento developers who’ll need to know where you stand so a few important, and sometimes confidential information from you will have to be opened with your developer.
  5. After receiving the proposals from the Magento developers, it’s time to start with deeper engagement. Here is the time to get the justifications from your prospective Magento eCommerce developers and answer questions from you. Once some points are clarified, your developer may be requested to submit their revised version of the proposal.




A careful due diligence is a must when choosing the right Magento developer. If Magento development is forthcoming, it’s imperative to invest with the right team.

But be extra careful when selecting the developer you’ll get onboard your Magento eCommerce development. 7th Media is proud of its ability to unveil some of the best performing Magento web development.

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