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How to Hire the Perfect Custom Software Development Provider

February 26, 2014 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments

You already suspected that buying “off-the-shelf” software can do more harm than good to your business. Despite early warning signs that this decision’s bound to be a disaster from the very start, you ignored your gut feel. And now that it failed, it’s dawned upon you that you should have opted for custom software development.

Of course this failed decision means a total $1,000 worth of shelved software. You have no choice but to move on and opt for the better option – custom-tailored software for your requirements.

Custom-tailored software has plenty of benefits despite costing higher than you would pay for software packages. And custom applications may snatch more time for development. But that’s worth it if you believe the long-term benefits can deliver much greater value to your investments.

And of course, there are the usual fears and risks that come with hiring a professional custom software developer or company. Such and other things about custom software development are what this blog aims to tackle.

To the uninitiated, I will first define some terms relevant to your understanding of application or software development. I’ll also look into things that custom development can be used for. You’ll also read my tips when selecting the right software developer to customize a software application for you.


What is Software Development?

Software development is a process involving the development of application or software in an orderly and systematic approach. The need for orderly approach came as modern systems and computer products have gone more complex and advanced.

Typical custom software development process involves planning and analysis of requirements before the actual writing of codes. The early stage also involves designing the software according to the detailed specifications of the software needs.

Before handing to clients the software, there must be a confirmation whether or not certain requirements were accomplished. Hence, this is why testing of the software must be performed. Maintenance is the last stage of the custom software development process.


What Can Software Development Be Used For?

These days, software can be used in almost all purposes to automate systems in order to improve efficiency and high performance. Custom software developers can create applications for a wide-range of purposes, including –

  1. Database-driven website development
  2. Database-driven mobile application development
  3. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions
  4. Product inventory and stock control
  5. Invoice management system
  6. Point of Sale (PoS) solutions for online and offline stores.
  7. eCommerce desktop and mobile solutions

There are other purposes where custom software development can be utilized.Typical uses of custom applications include fulfilling enterprise needs and addressing efficiency decline in systems.


What Does A Custom Software Developer Do?

A software developer is someone trained to custom-build computer software to meet a client’s particular requirements. A company or an enterprise may approach a software developer to help them build a system or an application to improve efficiency of performance in their enterprise environment.

A custom software developer can work in-house within a company or a custom software development company. Some works as a freelancer or consultant after earning enough years of experience and portfolio providing the developer’s potential and capabilities. In the end, some of these custom software developers create their own software development business.


Selecting the Perfect Custom Software Development Provider

You’re finally decided. But before taking the plunge, here are some points to consider.
Perhaps at this stage you’re already nearing the process of shortlisting potential developers of your custom software. Before you begin looking, familiarize yourself with the stages when selecting your next software development partner.

These things include identifying the software or application requirements, analyzing the needs, and then the designing of the basic software architecture or workflow. Only after completing these requirements that you should start approaching software development agencies with your prepared specifications and requirements.


Checklist When Selecting the Right Software Solutions Provider

Of course you want to get the most qualified software development agency to perform the task or complete the project for you. Here to help you choose correctly, head over the factors listed below:

Technological Expertise

One of the critical factors to consider when looking for a custom software developer is the technology used in developing software. Make sure the developer is capable and proficient in using the not only the latest but even legacy technologies.

Delivery Time

Right from the very start, it’s important to know that your prospective custom software development agency is capable of producing your application within the specified deadline you’ve agreed upon. Launching ahead of your competition will give you the edge when it comes to software development in order to seize bigger market share. So make sure your custom software developer can meet your deadline.

Quality of Service

Make sure that your custom software developer has a reputation in completing quality software. When you get foolproof software, you earn certain advantage in terms of the good impression and good image your company can seize. To test for quality, invite some users who will check the quality of the software before finally launching the application in the market.


Make sure that when you sign an agreement with your developer, technical support is included. Remember that you’re relationship should be an ongoing affair because you never know when that bug when you click play in your video will appear. Ensuring the smooth functioning of the software must come attached to your signed contract and such may be provided if you have a clear-cut agreement about software support system.

Development Experience

It’s important to check on your vendor’s previous development experience for other clients. By independently checking on these clients about the completed works for them by your shortlisted developers, you can have a strong gauge of the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of your custom software developer. The result of your investigation is important before making a decision and pumping your investment money to any of your choice.

Where to Get Quality Software Development Services

Outsourcing is one common approach today that you can opt to when looking to get your software developed. There are plenty of custom software development companies in the Philippines, and you can take advantage of the Southeast Asian country’s time zone and labor cost differences.

7th Media Design Studio is one of the top custom software development companies based in the Central Business District in the Philippines. The agency provides a complete suite of software development solutions for companies in various markets.

7th Media have professional expertise in the different custom software development areas like C, C++, Java,, and many more. Consultants are skilled in multiple language formats, applications and eCommerce solutions.

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