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New MySpace Relaunches as Sleek, Modern Music-Focused Social Networking Site

January 18, 2013 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments

new myspaceMySpace is back! Call it a reinvention, rebranding or anything you want, but the old social network has returned alongside the release of Justin Timberlake’s latest new single since 2006 – “Suit and Tie” featuring Jay-Z.

Could be the best way to promote a new single, isn’t it? Not bad for the former N’Sync pop band member who is also now one of the major investors to the old social networking by making his new track help relaunch Myspace as a portal focused on music and helping the artists that made them to post and share their craft with fans.

The new site, outed by TheVerge, can be found via a different address since still links to the current site and could be the result of what the company’s baking after months of private beta previews. Maybe a little too late in the game but for the older folks out there, MySpace was once the most popular social networking darling before Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ came to disrupt the Internet landscape.

And if MySpace will return to its old roots, it may no longer be feasible or attractive to the new generation of social media users. That’s why focusing instead on music might turn out to be the better deal. The new MySpace will allow for artists (not solely the musicians, DJs, producers, and fans) to post the content for free that they can upsell for downloads. Music or content that users will find from their profile becomes easier to repost and share.

If you already have your old MySpace account and still remembers the email address and password you use to login back then, you can use those or a new email address. But MySpace also lets users access the site by having them use their Facebook or Twitter credentials, which may be a clear manifestation the site is not interested in feting its social networking baby to any of the social media giants of today.

After logging in and asked to complete your profile, it’s all for you to enjoy the new music-focused social networking. Don’t forget you can check the Discover section to find trending items and other music-related section. There is also a radio streaming feature that allows for easy listening of music from artist or genre stations. Users can also share playlist via the Mixes section of the site.

Our impression of the new MySpace is that the new layout and design is simple, modern, lighter, clean and elegantly focused for users who love music and the artistically-inclined. It maintained the classy, modern look and feel of the beta of the social networking site they showed in October last year.

Right now, what MySpace will become in the coming days is still a big question. Will people finally use this social networking site to post and share music with same-minded people? How about brands, do you think you need another social networking portal to connect to your audience when embarking on your social media marketing and online web marketing campaigns? Share to us your thoughts in the comments box below.

New MySpace Relaunches as Sleek, Modern Music-Focused Social Networking Site by

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