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What the Foiled Mayan Apocalypse Can Teach Us About Building a Website

December 27, 2012 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments

web design and development After the end-of-the-world brouhahas that shook the world in recent months, we are witnesses to just how far humankind can be so vulnerable to believe in something that was professed unabashedly to be true by these doomsday prophets even without proofs or basis.

Don’t fret, we will not indulge nor debate you about your beliefs. It is just that the reason we are talking about these life realities is for our very purpose to derive important lessons that we can apply to website building. And don’t even start laughing about why in the first place we are connecting the end of the world to website building, you’ll see, there is!

Relax that no amount of magic or supernatural powers are needed to predict the outcome of your website building project. Pretty predictable and if we are patient, disciplined and committed, we can launch successfully the site that our heart desires to have.

Otherwise, there is doom or metaphorically the end of the world for us. To illustrate, just imagine you are a team, a site disaster can mean your group’s annihilation. The site’s project manager, web design and development team might all end up receiving all the ire and blame of everybody. After a website launch flop, your business and brand will suffer from the barrage of criticisms coming from your frustrated customers and audiences, and this may result into lost of trust and income.

From the very start, we know you are aware about the often confusing and overwhelming universe of web design and development. Questions like when to start or how to go about working your online presence’s roadmap to success can prop up as challenges too daunting to mount. That’s why we are here to help. In this post, our aim is to simplify for you what you need to prepare when considering building or redesigning your online presence.

Research. This seems a very basic tip yet really necessary. Considering your goal is to use your site to make business, make sure you know what you want your site to look and perform, in terms of the services and features you will offer users. It will be of help to research and browse the web to help you.

Know your needs. Make sure you have carefully decided that you deem your website will accomplish and aim to achieve. Knowing what type of site, what services you will adopt to sell or connect your brands to your audience is critical for you and your developers so the whole process of designing and developing your digital home will be smooth. Don’t forget, consider too that your budget for this project can help you agree on what you want to prioritize among the goals you set for your site.

Gather and Prepare your Content. This is the next step after conducting your research and working on your projected site’s blueprint. The developers and designers will love you for coming up early with all the materials and content to accomplish your goals. It can also be helpful that you organize your content and provide a breakdown of the content on a per page basis.

Get to know your Design Agency. Don’t forget that you will also need to research your future design studio for the development of your site. If you are based in the Philippines, you are lucky because if you are looking for a local company the search is of course narrowed down to only few reputable companies out there. But if you are abroad, web design companies really are ringing like thousands.

One that is really basic is to check your selected company’s website and make your own inspection to assess how their own site fares in terms of form and function. Look over the portfolio and the processes involved in the design and development of their clients’ online presence or commissioned works to make a sound judgment whether or not your subject studio is capable and proficient. You can choose another design company to evaluate if you are not satisfied.

You can also browse the web to search for reviews about the company and feedback from former clients and partners, and check your prospective company if they are any good or not. Finally, there is the budgetary consideration so make sure the pricing is just right. Always request for price quotation and request for information about the services they offer. Just don’t be tempted to opt for budget websites that promises to be too good to be true.

Finally, run through all the good and negative points that you’ve gathered out of the design agencies that you have pre-selected for your purpose. Contact your preferred agencies if possible to confirm and inquire about their services and to see how their capabilities and pricing per project can fit in to your needs. When you have finally chosen your web company, sign a contract with them.

Final Thoughts

We sure know you want to enjoy your yearend holiday break as soon as possible so we will not indulge you with so much information that you become overwhelmed with the very idea of building your own site.

For the meantime, we would like to recommend to you some resources that you can go over this holiday break to learn more about the processes and the things to remember when preparing for your next site redesign or just starting to build your brand’s foray in the cyberspace.

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