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How Web Design Plays a Part in Your Company’s Marketing Efforts

April 24, 2014 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments

web design and marketing

When people discuss marketing, the unique and important role played by good web design is often overlooked. Instead, marketers’ attention are more often drawn into the offline kin of branding, namely print design, radio-television campaigns and outdoor promotions.

Please don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean to say that offline marketing tactics are unnecessary. They are of course vital to any marketing strategy. However, with a professionally-done website, you’ll even more be able to stack up the benefits out of your overall marketing efforts.

I will discuss to you later how a beautiful web design can ensure a profitable marketing endeavor. But for the meantime, let’s find out why a website is important and why those who didn’t bother to pay attention to their corporate website are missing the point.

Why A Good Website Design Is Important

When I say good web design, I am not only referring to an online presence that looks fresh and contemporary. A well-executed website looks intelligent, engaging and credible. Such website has also moved on and replaced the formerly seemingly-ubiquitous splash intros made in Flash with responsive or adaptive design.

Outdated websites may also have many negative connotation attached to it.For example, amateurish. It can also means the user experience looks reminiscent of the first Facebook, Google or Yahoo! In the final analysis, the woeful design has the promise of weighing down on your web traffic that can lead to poor sales conversion.

But merely getting a website design revamp will not solve your woes. It’s also expected you’ll not be immediately convinced that design is the key solution to improve and increase your brand’s marketability.

Studies show, however, that improved user interface do improve site conversion, which is important to fan customers from checking out of your eCommerce site, or inspiring word-of-mouth marketing out of the satisfaction received by your customers after your online chat support offered all the right answers and options.

Design may be superficial when viewed in some respect. But you can just imagine what a well-built website can bring in attracting your target market and eventually captivate them and convert them to be your customer someday.

I don’t know but there are so many stories about how great design helped improve the marketing efforts of a company, which eventually lead to sales and long-lasting relationship with customers.

There’s a caveat and warning. When redesigning your website, doing it merely for the sake of satisfying a singular purpose of your marketing strategy is not the right way to do it. The more perfect approach is that you’re doing the project because you’re mindful of the overall marketing effort.

One faulty example of redesigning only because your organization will introduce a new brand. Another glaring mistake is that you are convinced revamping your website because of search engine optimization needs only.

What Makes A Good Web Design?

what makes a good web design

To maximize the benefits that your organization can derive out of a good web design, first you need to consider what makes one. In this regard, it’s important to consider your audience and most are either visual or verbal.

Recent statistics show that majority or 65% are visual. Looking at this figure, your in-house or third-party designer should take the data into consideration when you are mapping out a plan for your site design.

What part of your website does your audience read text? Do they read the top message only or they read through every word? In this case it helps that you are strategic in placing your headlines, which is the most important part of your message. Adding sub headings can bring some hints as to which of your text are the second most important message.

When you consider your audience are visual, you’ll also need to be mindful how you plan to design the side bars of your webpages, which should serve as a complimentary part of the main body of your web copy.

Since visual people and verbal people have different and something contrasting way of perceiving or viewing things, it is therefore important to balance the visual identity that you will present to your audience in your respective market. Through a well-articulated plan and strategy, you can achieve this through the proper execution of web design.

The overall design should strike a balance between how you will present the messages and that they flow seamlessly with recognizable identities to standout. This is where the proper and creative use of typography can be of help. A well-executed use of typography can highlight certain message as images can elicit emotion, reinforce brand marketing messages and finally help your audience remember your messages.

Don’t forget what the consistent use of images can contribute to the overall user experience of your website.

How Web Design Plays its Part in Your Marketing Efforts

Thinking deeper over this and considering the various elements of your marketing effort when redesigning will help you derive the huge impact on all major aspects of your marketing strategy, which can lead to good business in the long-term.

With a great web design, you can expect to see your vital brand marketing strategy bringing you the following:

  • Stronger brand identity
  • Top-of-mind brand among your customers, identifying you as that one company who can deliver the perfect solution to their needs
  • Create new market areas
  • Increased sales of your services or products
  • Faster way to introduce your new product to the market
  • Makes you standout from the pack, especially in a hyper-competitive market

The last part, and the most crucial role, that web design can bring to your overall marketing efforts is what it builds in the mind of your customers – trust.

Brand marketing has a big role in ensuring that your customers trust you or your organization. But it is extremely important to remember that trust is not earned overnight with your meandering and mediocre marketing tactics.

The fact that marketing helps elicit dialogue to your customers makes it an important factor to prioritize. After discovering what your market needs, the next step for you is to fulfill that need in the most satisfactory way possible.

It’s impossible to implement your overall marketing efforts that resonate with your client if you’ll overlook the creation of a compelling and engaging web design. With your well-built and properly-managed website, you’ll see that your customers will continuously return to your site and do business with your firm.

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