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Web Trends to Watch in 2013

December 18, 2012 By 7th Media Digital |  1 Comments

And how the past and present web compares to bring us what’s ahead

It’s already that period of the year when people start predicting the next state of things, from the next coolest, hottest to the trendiest. Knowing what’s next in the lifespan of the web medium is perhaps an interesting way to start.

Designers, developers, business owners, and also users would benefit from knowing what’s forthcoming. But like a life form, the web has its early beginnings and for our purpose, knowing the past and present status of the web will be useful in coming up with our own forecast of what’s likely to happen.

 Evolving Web

Forget that Internet bubble burst in late 2001 that many thought would spell the end of the cyberspace because that period was over and we’ve all witnessed how web technologies have evolved.

As the sages would have predicted, it turned out that Web 1.0 was only a turning point. That time, websites are static and while people explore a site, they only visit once. Web application service focuses on developing brochure-type sites and user engagement was shallow as a result of the limited interactivity features. Something more dynamic and participatory in nature followed. Called Web 2.0, netizens saw its rise in 1999 and web application design sport the qualities that can be found in most user-generated sites of today.

Under Web 2.0, people saw the rise of user-generated sites like blogs, podcasts, along with the arrival of social media sites like MySpace, Friendster, and now Facebook and Twitter. In 2007, this new generation of the web met Web 3.0. Here, interactivity and user engagement took a much deeper level.

Unlike its predecessor, Web 3.0 regards precise rules and etiquettes as a priority that users must follow when operating within the perimeter of social media. Data available on the Internet are also becaming more organized as a result since close kins include virtual worlds, online communities, massively multi-player online role playing games (MMORPGs), and more.

Now, we have Web 4.0. Best characterized by the always-on nature of the Internet, this chapter also have users who seem infinitely connected because of the accessibility offered by mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. Even in the place where operating systems are stored, the fourth-generation web have the clouds and apps replaced softwares.

 Looking Forward

Now comes the inevitable question, how about next year? What will be the hottest trends in the Web? Definitely we are optimistic of good times ahead. Ever heard of the “Internet of Things” concept? It is already projected that in the coming years, physical things – from electronic to non-electronic objects – will all be connected to the Internet. As a result, finding, understanding, organizing, and valuing objects will be easier to reach. Online marketing on the web will help increase the adoption of this trend.

Meanwhile, voice is another area that will take a new dominant level. Of course, we are already having a taste of voice-powered search capabilities offered by Google Now and Apple’s Siri, this wil continue to evolve and involve deeper semantic integration so that the web will know whether the music or movie that the user is searching is in fact what is really meant.

This is just a sampling of what’s to come. How about you? What do you think will define the web of 2013?

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