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Website Redesign Pitfalls to Avoid

December 20, 2012 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments

Like a wedding or your next beach party, getting your own website redesign must be planned carefully to expect successful relaunch. Easier said than done, eh? Ever since the web has started and let me guess, your company too, like many others, may have received their first blush at web design and development! Until revamping, overhauling and relaunching your presence online becomes a habit too, right?

No problem if the results proved successful to you and your desired goal. But to some, the complaint is often that the desired traction remains nada! With very few visitors and customers still not attracted to your products or services, you’ve realized you’re already spending a lot of time, effort, and resources.

What could be the problem then? Whose fault is it? Can it be blamed to the web services provider then?

And even if you have a lot of cash to immediately throw in for your planned website overhaul that’s nary an assurance all your woes will be over. In fact, it’s remotely far from solving even a quarter of your redesign woes. Let’s start with what’s most essential to help you work out your road to a successful relaunch endeavor.

Righting the wrong goal.

Website redesigns are much more defined by the process involved. The approach you take will be the key needed in reflecting your company’s brand messaging goals. To help you out, here are few questions to ask:

  • Is our website’s design looks outdated?
  • Is it difficult to find information using our website?
  • Are the features of our site no longer compatible to current platforms?
  • Does our content creators encounter difficulty in updating content?

Remember that it’s tempting to pick so many goals to place in your preparation of a project brief. Focus on one or two and prioritize what you want to do first. Arrange your goals based on the level of importance and urgency.

Establishing the right goals for your redesign will help you create concrete metrics and strategies for achieving and measuring your success.

Too pretty website is un-pretty.

Beauty is not a panacea in itself when applied to any web platform. It isn’t enough to make use of font, color and type to get your desired website look. The key to a useful and relevant web experience is brought about by the combination of form and function.

Don’t fret, we are not against beautiful design. But slow down and may be it’s high time to ask the following questions to help you reach your desired goals through revamping your site:

  • Content strategy, do we even have one?
  • Have we prepared the details of the functionality we want or need?

Please bear in mind that it is the connection you establish to your customers through your website that matters that most. To achieve this, make sure your redesigned site strikes a good balance in the area of content, function, and of course, beauty department.

Almost there, so please add marketing

A redesigned site is never complete at all simply because you relaunched your darling. The only time it can be said you have maximized its use is when user visits start piling up. With marketing, the opportunities can be vast when users are enticed to visit your online presence and retain them as avid customers. Ask the following when mapping your web destination:

During the planning phase, establish immediately that your website is also a brand communication channel. As such, get as many key concerned people of your organization to be involved. This way, there is a concerted effort and your site will achieve a unified voice when engaging your customers.

Don’t mimic your neighbors’ voice.

Your voice is as important as the goals you set for your site. Even if you redo your site, make sure to maintain your voice as a unique company. Never sacrifice your brand personality and lose customers’ trust just because you changed your online presence. Your company, products and services are unique and should never be compromised when you overhaul. Always ask the following:

  • How related is to our company’s mission and passion the content of our website?
  • Are we losing our brand personality in our attempt to be like another company’s?

Always make sure that your company’s online presence look and feel more consistent with your organization’s brand. Your online brand personality should seek to maintain your organization’s voice.

Fools rush in. Don’t be one.

It happens almost all the time. There’s always the tendency to rush on things when a project is being made. By slowing down a little, your company will get a clearer view and get the job done carefully.

When you become meticulous, and practical you’ll also ask about how the new site can help in engaging users. So the next time you hold that kick-off meeting, bring out all the important stakeholders to discuss matters relative to gaining critical and strategic information. Make sure the right questions are asked too:

  • What are the key factors driving your deadline?
  • What is the key reason for the redesign: time, functionality or budget?

There are more harm than good when projects are rushed. Worst, when the desired output and goals are not achieved after the redesign, just imagine the combined stress and expenses attached to falling again in the trap of redesign pitfalls.

Final Thoughts

Redesigning your site is an investment. Not only of money, but time, labor and so many things. That is why it’s important to be extra careful, determined, and consistent. Planning must involve setting your goals, requirements, and timeline. Require pre and post-launch tests to ensure everything’s okay and your site’s new face is something your users will truly enjoy.

As well as being armed with the willingness to succeed, the other key ingredients include having a really creative and strategic vision, technical proficiency, visual design ken, and coordination within and among the key stakeholders. Then, don’t be easy on pitfalls because they sure will continue to rear their ugly heads. Such can be overcome, though, by remembering all the steps to making your road map to success and help your company leverage the web to meet your goals.

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