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Why Your Website Should Be Mobile-Ready

December 12, 2012 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments

Is mobile the future of the web? If you are a business owner who likewise believes the recent phenomenon is here here to stay, it’s high time to consider seizing the opportunities offered by mobile web design.

But first, let’s consider some facts. With stronger-than-ever pickup in the global mobile user adoption data, it’s undeniable that users access their favorite sites using their handsets or tablet devices. Desktop computers are no longer just the means to access the Internet.

According to recent studies conducted by Nielsen and NM Incite, users who spend their time socializing online through the mobility devices and apps jumped to 63% this year versus last 2011’s data.

New Media on the Rise

More than a communication tool, users prefer their Smartphone and digital tablet devices because the same offers mobility and accessibility that’s absent when in desktop computers. Even when customers are on the go or outside the confines of their homes, they can still browse the web and socialize with friends and relatives.

With rapid technological advancements, businesses are now feeling the pressure to respond and adopt. Consider then when the Internet boomed, many establishments were pushed to get their own online presence. Now we are seeing the rise of social media as an evolved form of the web under the banner of participatory age in the cyberspace. As enterprises grasped the need to adapt, social web was used to send their brand messages to their intended users in a more personalized way.

The rise of smaller digital format follows as the most recent addition to these recent leaps in technology. More than ever, you see people who cannot seem to detach from their iPhones or iPads. With faces glued to the screen of their handheld devices, users can be seen browsing their favorite web portals, chatting, emailing, sharing photos and videos, or playing games.

Getting Mobile

Web design for mobile can be quite significant these days. If your firm wants to stay ahead of the competition, now is the time to realize that it would make sense providing your customers with a more holistic experience in getting the best of your site regardless of the platform other than desktop versions?

Users, it must be remembered, are fickle-minded and they are easily discouraged when they see a site that doesn’t properly fit to the size their phone’s screen. They easily get frustrated with very small font and buttons that when clicked accidentally can lead to an advertisement! Who would want to lose their customers — no one, right?

For your firm’s sake, consider some important things first before adapting to this tech trend. Obviously you will encounter some promising offers like cheap web designs and one-size-fit all platforms. Don’t immediately jump ship and remember that you’ll get what you pay for from choosing these ready-made packages at a much cheaper cost.

Usually, the trouble and hassles far outweigh the benefits when you opt for one. Developers of template-based platforms, however, apply the website application development protocols that are unmindful of the context and requirements of your business. Thus, what’s promised as practical and convenient are often far from real.

And before closing a contract with a digital web design partner, inquire about your prospective developer’s experience. The portfolio and list of trusted partners may also be of help but they are usually not enough. Request for a meeting to ask questions about how the partner developed mobile apps for their most recent clients.

Again, it is no longer luxury to provide your users and customers with the most responsive version of your site on whatever digital and tablet platforms are available. Just consider how many customers you might lose every day and the losses you’ll incur as a result when you refuse to adapt to the recent developments in mobility-based technology.

What’s your take on what’s coming up? Let us know at the comments box below.

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