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2013 Consumer Electronics Show: What Creative Workers Today Need to Know

January 8, 2013 By 7th Media Digital |  0 Comments

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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year will start on Tuesday (Jan. 8, which is already Wednesday in the greater Pacific side of the world). And again, it is that event any working designer and interactive producers should be happy to witness and be part of.

Do not discount yet that CES is only for the techies and geeks out there. In fact, any interactive designer’s diet should have this trade show tucked in their plan. As one of the biggest trade shows in the world and often the most attended to, the tech people of the world love this international conference because it is the kind of trade show when companies, organizations, brand influencers and influential personalities in the tech sphere belt out the future of innovation and technology.

Aside from the usual run of trade exhibitions, over 150,000 members of the bigger tech world will get the chance to attend conferences and keynote speeches, which look pretty plenty this year. This is one reason why we took this chance to help you out what is there to expect and discover at 2013 CES in its four jam-packed days run.

Keynote Addresses. For the year 2013, the pre-show address will be delivered by the Snapdragon processor maker, Qualcomm through its Chairman and CEO Paul Jacobs to talk about mobile technology’s role in the world today. Titled “Born Mobile,” the keynote will highlight the powerfully connected future through mobile

Then on the first day, CES President and CEO Gary Shapiro will talk about the state of this annual tech show to be followed by the opening keynote by Panasonic Corp.’s Kazuhiro Tsuga. Leading the pack of speakers for the Next Generation of Innovators Keynote will be Jeff Jordan, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz with David Lieb of Bump Technologies, Cyrus Massoumi of ZocDoc, Eric Vishria of Rockmelt, and of the Black Eyed Peas.

Under the Brand Matters Keynote, there will be Brian Wallace of Samsung Telecommunications, Joseph Tripodi of The Coca-Cola Co, Josh Silveran of American Express, Keith Weed of Unilever, Marc Benioff of, Michael Bowling of AT&T, and Michael Kassan of MediaLink.

Conferences. Often issues-based, there are 39 conferences this year and most of which will tackle the future of smartphones and tablets, wireless communications, innovation policies, higher education technology, emerging tech, content in the cloud, startups, and Apple (yes, there is one dedicated to the undeniable creative tech darling), among many others.

The conferences are usually held for one whole day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and topics around a particular subject is spread out for the whole 9 hours.

Trade Show. Of course, this is the centerpiece of every edition of the electronics show. With over 3,000 exhibitors and 20,000 products this year, some of the major categories attendees and journalists will most likely feast their eyes on and cram to write about the latest and up and coming innovations. Major categories will always include computer hardware and software, digital imaging, emerging technology, electronic gaming, lifestyle electronics, and wireless and wireless devices, among many others

And this year’s CES will never be complete if some of the most loved brands like Samsung and Apple will not receive their respective spotlight among the attendees and the press for the world to witness the next generation in consumer electronics and tech.

Most of all, the interactive and creative professionals will be feasting on new trends that may or may not shape the future of the design and development practice. Social media experts will also gain front-seat peek at the future of online web marketing.

Moreover, branding identity designs, user behavior, user interaction design, responsive design, web marketing, and other similar terms may get two or more attention this year as well as the world descend from analog to mobile. And where best to be updated about the future of the evolving media platforms than Las Vegas. So everyone’s a winner!

The first edition of CES took place in New York City in June of 1967.

We just hope that what happens there at Las Vegas doesn’t just stay there.

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